The nature
of Valpantena

Beautiful hills, vines, olive trees, cherry trees and red Verona marble quarries make the Valle degli Dei an idyllic place for those who love nature and outdoor activities.


Storia della Vlpantena Valpolicella

The Valpantena is a beautiful valley that extends north-east from Verona to the foothills of the Venetian Pre-Alps and the Regional Natural Park of Lessinia, crossing villages and hamlets that preserve the charm of tradition.

Because of its geographical location, the variety of natural environments and the richness of its flora and fauna, it has always been a place of great natural interest.

Many outdoor activities can be pursued in this beautiful natural setting: hiking, trekking, cycling, climbing, horse riding, rafting, fishing, golf.

It is also an ideal place for birdwatching, given the many species of migratory birds that can be found here.

Among the natural attractions in and around the valley are:

  • The  Veja Bridge: a natural rock arch that rises 50 metres high, created by the erosion of an ancient underground river. Beneath the bridge lies a cave where stalactites and stalagmites can be viewed.
  • The Lessinia Regional Nature Park: a park covering over 10,000 hectares of woods, meadows and alpine pastures, ideal for hiking, cycling or horseback riding, along the many well-marked paths
  • The Molina Waterfall Park: a natural park where no fewer than 15 waterfalls surrounded by greenery can be appreciated, and reached via various trekking routes.

A unique variety of natural environments, ranging from meadows to forests and vineyards, from plains to hills and mountains, from nature to villages and castles.


Storia della Vlpantena Valpolicella