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History and architecture of the Torre del Falasco

History and architecture of the Torre del Falasco

The control point on the valley

The Torre del Falasco, located shortly after Grezzana, represents one of the most fascinating historical treasures of the region. Dating back to the 12th century, this majestic tower of medieval origin was originally built as a defensive stronghold for the Turrisendi family. In the seventeenth century it became a refuge for henchmen who exercised their dominion over the surrounding area. Its imposing design and sturdy stone walls testify to its strategic function, with a characteristic cylindrical shape provided with a stone staircase leading to the aforementioned refuge.

Den of thugs

The name derives from Francesco Falasco, a farmer from Valpantena who became a man of arms in the service of the Cozza family and was subsequently sentenced and forced to find refreshment among the ruins of Cologne.
After Falasco's death, the brigand Paolo Bianchi, known as 'Il Falasco', found refuge there and apparently took part in the organizational phase of the kidnapping of Angiolina di Poiano.
The Tower of Falasco was used as a hiding place for thugs who were hired by the noble families of the area to try to take over the territories of Valpantena.
The caves next to the tower served as further sites for brigands who intended to raid the valley and allow the nobility to govern the Valpantena.

View from a distance

The Torre del Falasco is immersed in a breathtaking natural landscape, which would make it a perfect destination for nature lovers and outdoor activities. However, currently the Torre del Falasco can only be reached by a path that crosses private properties. Currently it is possible to observe the tower from the ring road between Grezzana and Stallavanea, towards Lessinia.

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