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The Fort of Santa Viola

Forte San Viola Valpantena, Valpolicella

The fortress in the forest

The Fort of Santa Viola, located in Grezzana, in the locality of Azzago, in the province of Verona, represents a local testimony of great importance. Its history is rooted in the region's more than 100-year-old past. Built around the end of the 19th century, the Fort of Santa Viola constituted a defensive and strategic 'maginot line' together with the other forts of Lessinia-Forte Masua, Monte Tesoro, San Briccio and Castelletto. The structure was originally conceived in a position considered fundamental for the safety and defense of the Valpantena against any threats from the surrounding mountain areas. After years in a state of neglect, the Municipality of Grezzana bought the property and re-evaluated it thanks to the intervention of the Lessinia Mountain Community.

Architecture and features

The architecture of the Fort of Santa Viola is a fascinating example of a military fortification but it has never been used for war purposes. The structure is characterized by mighty stone walls. Three floors high and equipped with watchtowers, its characteristic slightly V-shaped shape differentiates it from other buildings of this type and testifies to its imposing presence in the area. Inside the fort there are suggestive environments, such as the soldiers' barracks, prisons and weapons depots, as well as the electric generator. Every architectural detail reveals the builders' skill in creating an impenetrable fortress.

Beauty and cultural value

In addition to its historical importance, the Fort of Santa Viola also offers great scenic beauty. Its position on the hill at an altitude of 830 meters offers a wonderful view of the surrounding areas of the Verona area.
Today, the Fort of Santa Viola has become a place of cultural interest. It represents an important historical testimony and a fascinating example of military architecture. It is not currently open to the public, unless specifically requested by the Municipality of Grezzana. To reach the Fort of Santa Viola you can pass through the municipal area of ​​Grezzana going up towards Romagnano and in the locality of Azzago or from Cerro.

Forte Santa Viola

Credits immagine: Wikipedia