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Bardolino Valpantena

The wine that smells like Valpantena

Bardolino is a light and fruity red wine. Its history probably has its roots in Roman antiquity. Over the centuries, the production of wine has developed, and today Bardolino is one of the most popular wines of the Veneto, also in the Valpantena area, with several wineries involved in the production. It is characterized by a ruby ​​red colour, a fragrant bouquet and a lively taste of red fruits. It is appreciated both in Italy and abroad as a versatile and pleasant wine to be enjoyed on many occasions.


The main grapes used in the production of Bardolino are Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara. Corvina is considered the dominant grape variety, with its ability to give depth and structure to the wine. Rondinella is a vine that contributes elegance and notes of red fruit. Molinara, albeit in limited quantities compared to the other two, brings freshness and acidity to the wine. This combination of grape varieties gives Bardolino its light, fruity and pleasantly lively character.

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One of the great qualities of Bardolino is its versatility and this characteristic is denoted in the culinary combinations. It is a wine suitable to accompany light pasta dishes, such as pasta with tomato sauce or spring pasta, fish-based dishes, such as grilled fish, rice with seafood or fish soups, fresh salads and shellfish, which they go well with its liveliness and its freshness. Furthermore, it is perfect to be tasted together with fresh or slightly aged cheeses such as mozzarella, ricotta or goat cheese and in appetizers based on cured meats and cold cuts, which harmonize with the lightness and fruity tones of the wine.