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The tradition of olive growing

Olio oliva Valpantena

Ancient Tradition

Olive growing in the Veneto region represents one of the oldest culinary traditions, as archaeological and literary evidence suggests.
It is believed that the cultivation of the olive tree dates back to Roman times, thanks to the peculiar characteristics of the place, especially in the areas around Lake Garda and in the hills.
A significant increase in olive growing was recorded in the Middle Ages, even protected by a Lombard edict, but it was above all the presence of communities of monks in the area that at the time favored the introduction of olive trees in various regional areas and allowed the inhabitants of the region to create a historical background linked to oil. One of the best known places is the monastery located in the village of Sezano.

The oil in Valpantena

Valpantena is not only known for the production of wine. Even the cultivation of olive trees is a pride of this region, which extends up to the Lessini Mountains. In Valpantena there are several companies with a long tradition in olive growing, which contribute to making this area one of the main places in Veneto for the production and sale of olive oil. Olive growing has a history rooted in Valpantena and the tangible evidence in the area represents excellence in the sector.

Oil trek

Trekking is one of the most practiced leisure activities in Valpantena by residents and tourists and the paths linked to the olive groves are an excellent opportunity to combine sport in contact with nature and the love and dedication of Valpantena towards of oil, with visits to mills and places dedicated exclusively to the production of this precious food.

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