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Following the FEET Project

Following the FEET Project

Easy Ecological Tourist Excursions

The FEET project (Easy Ecological Tourist Excursions) was conceived by the Municipality of Grezzana to try to enhance the footpath tradition of the Valpantena area. The initial objective is to make the already existing paths accessible to citizens and to make the places of historical-artistic and environmental interest of the Valpantena usable.
In 2019, the Municipality of Grezzana identified about 20 routes (pedestrian and cycle paths) for a length of about 197 kilometres. The project has become more ambitious and more structured in 2020, expanding the scope of the operation also to the tourism sector, in such a way as to favor local commercial activities by attracting more visitors from other places.

The routes

The project consists of a dense network of routes, which are distinguished between the paths suitable for families, the more demanding ones and finally those to be covered by bicycle.
The paths for families include the suggestive path through the woods of the ridge, in the direction of the northern version of Monte Dodera, the path between the ancient districts of Alcenago, the path from Lugo towards the districts high above the rocky paths, the path from Stallavena to Torre del Falasco, the marvelous Valpantena canyon, the hamlet of Corrubio with return from the Pernisa road, the fabulous path towards La Colombara, which passes through woods and vineyards, and the path from the Azzago locality to Monte Santa Viola. For bicycle lovers there are excursions such as the tour of Monte Comun, the route from towards Corrubio, Orsara and Lughezzano, the route on the Rosaro and Praole ridge and the tour of the Castello and Santa Viola mountains. There are also quite demanding paths which include a journey on the hills of Grezzana, between woods and ancient localities, the ridge towards the mountain, the ridge between San Micheletto and Rosaro and finally the ring of Monte Castello.

Excursions of the year

In 2023 the excursions will start from Saturday 3 June with the suggestive excursion from sunset to dawn along the paths of Monte Viola. From summer, through autumn and ending in winter, there are various excursions scheduled in the calendar: the excursion to the historic Torre del Falasco and in the woods of western Valpantena on the occasion of the Bavarian Festival, an excursion through the woods and of Corso in the direction of the Maioconi and Portello districts, a visit to the ancient stone quarries of Alcenago, a journey towards the evocative panoramas of Lugo, and various excursions through the meadows and districts of Rosaro, through the woods of Monte Viola, on the ridge della Colombara, without forgetting the late autumn colors that can be admired between Alcenago and Monte Comune. The 2023 program will close on December 26 with a beautiful excursion from the valley floor and along the paths of the ridge on the occasion of the living crib that will enliven the Christmas period.