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lavander valpantena valpolicella

When the Valley of the Gods is tinged with purple and blue

Aromatic plant widespread mainly in the Mediterranean regions, lavender is characterized by purple or blue-violet flowers arranged in terminal spikes, and is famous for its intense perfume.
The essential oil is used to make soaps, perfumes, massage oils, and skin care products. Lavender essential oil is valued for its relaxing, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.
It is also a very popular plant for its ornamental function in gardens and parks thanks to the beauty of its flowers and its foliage. Lavender also stands out for being a very resistant plant to cold as well as intense heat, to attract bees and other beneficial insects and for its popularity in creating gardens dedicated to biodiversity.

Lavender in Valpantena

Valpantena is an area very rich in lavender and along the numerous paths in the area it is possible to come across fields used precisely for its cultivation. In particular during the summer season, the flowering period which makes the most of its beauty and its important contribution to the landscape charm of the valley. There are several paths in Valpantena that lead to the lavender fields or include sections of the route in which it is possible to see the cultivation of this characteristic plant.

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Cai advises. Itinerary

To organize the route in search of lavender, Cai, Club Alpino Italiano, recommends starting by following the cycle path for Montorio and going up behind the castle, along a small ditch. Continue along path 264 in the direction of Mizzole and as soon as you reach the paved road, continue in the direction of Pigozzo. Turn left along a path that leads to the Maroni, where it is possible to stop for refreshment and to spend the lunch break. You can set off again towards the Terre di Stelle ceramics and then along a path that runs along the Valpantena towards Verona. This path will lead to fields of medicinal herbs and lavender.
Once in San Fidenzio, go down to Novaglie along the paved road, at a point where the Cai recommends paying attention to the hairpin bends. Once in the village, take the path to the left that leads to the witch fountain, the Piloton and passing by Forte John and Montorio Castle, you return to the starting point.
This itinerary offers an incredible variety of landscapes and attractions along the way, allowing you to explore nature and its versatile richness.