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The Path of Grezzana

Sentiero di Grezzana Valpantena


Verona is one of the most visited destinations in Italy. In 2022, the Venetian capital ranked among the top twenty destinations most visited by tourists in our territory. Yet, the province of Verona does not stop only at the heart of the literary love between Romeo and Juliet. As an alternative to the suggestive city panorama, the province of Verona hides some jewels surrounded by nature that can equally whet the adventurous spirit of visitors accustomed to spending their days immersed in the greenery of parks and meadows, walking along paths and discovering hidden corners between villages and woods pristine woods .

The hamlet

At the beginning, Grezzana. Halfway between Valpantena and Lessinia is this small town whose borders touch the Veronese municipality and the Valpolicella area. From Monte Santa Viola, which overlooks the town from the hamlet of Azzago, the extension of the territory can be observed, facing the Valpantena. The name of Grezzano (in loco Graciana) is found for the first time in the writings of Bishop Adalardo. Various dominations and lordships followed one another in the Grezzana area up to the autonomous affiliation to the Kingdom of Italy in 1866. Today Grezzana is one of the most characteristic centers of the Valpantena, just a few minutes' drive from Verona. And from there, like Alice who ventures into Wonderland, our path begins, suitable for any type of hiker.

grezzana valpantena

The path

Around Grezzana there are many paths and trails that can be followed, based on the desired level of difficulty. One of the most interesting walks for everyone is the one that leads from the aforementioned hamlet of Azzago towards Monte Santa Viola. The route begins from the little church and along the paved road you reach the hamlet of Vallene, from which it is possible to continue towards Cerzuni. From the first steps taken, some signs of the religious tradition of the Grezzana area can be seen, one of the first inhabited centers in which a Christian community was originally born. In addition to the classic votive niches that dot the path, worthy of note, in the locality of Cerzuni, is a splendid recently restored washhouse. The walk towards Monte Santa Viola continues and from the asphalted terrain you soon pass to the dirt road, with the presence of a couple of rocky stelae not far from each other. Uphill you soon reach the little church of Santa Viola, a small chapel at the foot of the mountain. Beyond it, it is possible to quickly reach the top where you can admire a splendid fort dating back to the beginning of the last century. The descent takes place through a wood that leads back to the little church of Santa Viola and allows you to divert the route towards San Rocco di Piegara or towards Monte Comun, later returning to the starting point after passing the little church of Azzago.

grezzana Valpantena