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horse trekking Valpantena

Horse trails in Valpantena

Veneto offers an extraordinary opportunity for exploration thanks to the traditional routes to be undertaken on horseback. With its varied landscapes, between mountains, hills and plains, the area is a true paradise for lovers of adventure and nature to discover at full gallop. Valpantena also offers this fascinating opportunity. An unforgettable experience in close contact with the flora and fauna, thanks to the help of a splendid animal that recalls ancient times and pristine landscapes, times in which horseback riding was the norm.

Difficulty levels

In Valpantena, at the foot of the Lessini mountains, there are various realities that promote horse trekking routes. The charm of this type of excursion is the diversity of levels that allows anyone interested to experience it fully and without limits. From itineraries dedicated to children, who are taught the knowledge and education necessary to experience moments in close contact with horses, to more demanding outings for those who prefer to challenge themselves by having more strenuous but equally satisfying experiences.

The woods around Grezzana

The territory of Grezzana, one of the most important centers of the Valpantena, offers the opportunity to go horseback riding thanks to the numerous paths that also lead towards the woods and characterize the local landscape and with the support of companies and structures in the area.
Some of the common places of interest for horse trekking in Valpantena also include the surrounding vineyards and the hills that characterize the region.

Horse trekking in Valpantena