Rosso Verona Marble

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Splendid hills, vines, olive trees and Rosso Verona marble quarries characterize the Valpantena area.

The extraction and processing of stone and marble represent centuries and even millennia of the history of our valley. To say Marble in Verona is mainly to say Rosso Verona, a stone historically used for the construction of many monuments. Important findings on the Lessini Mountains and on the Baldo Mountain testify that in these areas prehistoric men already sculpted small stone statues five thousand years ago. The traditional stone working therefore comes from far away, it passes through the construction of the Verona Arena, the numerous and beautiful churches and monuments of the city up to the present day.
Shades from pink to red are predominant in Veronese stone, whether it is the famous Rosso Verona or Lessinia stone.

The genesis of the Rosso Verona marble 

Millions of years ago there was a sea here in which ammonites, shells and other animals were deposited, while the wave motion from the sea contributed to depositing calcium carbonates. Encrusting algae, on the other hand, carried out the task of retaining other sediments which, due to the presence of iron and manganese, turned red, just as the clays that deposited between one layer and another were also red. The movements of the earth's crust and geological events have hardened and pushed these sea beds upwards, which have become rocky mountains over the course of about 25 million years.

marmo rosso valpantena

The history of the quarries 

The history of the extraction of precious marbles in Valpantena takes place over the course of more than 2000 years, starting from the Roman and Romanesque times up to the 19th century, when stone processing became an important reality of the valley's economy. From the second half of the 1900s, the stone sector saw a significant reduction in mining activity in favor of a growing development of marble processing.
Today in Valpantena marble, stone and granite are processed from all over the world, with a great tradition but also with a highly technological competence.

Marmisti della Valpantena Consortium 

Rete Valpantena collaborates with the Consorzio Marmisti Valpantena in a project of sharing and love for our territory, devoted to quality in all its expressions, which aims at its enhancement.
The consortium takes care of the landscape and the water resources used naturally for stone processing, shares values ​​that aim at environmental sustainability, gives new life to exhausted extraction sites, through the design of the restoration of the quarries, careful recovery of the land and subsequent reforestation.