The Santa Lucia Fair

Natale in Valpantena

In Verona for Santa Lucia, the most heartfelt celebration of the year

December 13th is the day of Saint Lucia and Verona is one of the places in Italy where the tradition of celebrations is most widespread, not only in the regional capital but throughout the province and certainly also in Valpantena.

As in other areas of Italy, from North to South, the feast of Saint Lucia is experienced as a real early Christmas day, sometimes perceived even with greater emphasis than December 25th.


Lucia dedicated her life to Christianity and during the persecutions perpetrated during the government of Diocletian, she had her eyes removed which were later, the story goes, miraculously returned. The feast of Saint Lucia is also defined for this reason as a symbol of light within the winter darkness. According to tradition, on the night between 12 and 13 December, just like Santa Claus, he wanders around the houses giving toys and sweets to good children and coal to little rascals. Lucia shows up riding her donkey, helped by her trusty Castaldo.

The markets

Precisely on the occasion of the feast of Saint Lucia, the fair in the heart of Verona is also an event for the nearby community of Valpantena. In Piazza Bra and Via Roma, in the town of Verona, there will be around 200 stalls of street vendors who will gather from all over Italy from 10 to 12 December, from 09.30 to 23.00, and on 13 December, the day of Saint Lucia, from 09.30 at 20.00. Verona and Valpantena are just under 30 minutes away by car and the period is perfect for enjoying the lead-up to Christmas in the festive and colorful atmosphere of the Santa Lucia Fair and other splendid initiatives.

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