Valpantena and the nativity scenes

Presepi in Valpantena

The streets of the nativity scenes

The nativity scene is one of the most long-lived traditions of Catholicism. It is a Christmas tradition that represents the Nativity scene, with figurines of Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, together with figures of shepherds with animals and other biblical characters. The setting up of the nativity scene, a word that derives from the Latin term praesaepe (manger), reflects family and community values. Originally created by Saint Francis of Assisi, the nativity scene has taken on various forms and styles over the centuries, becoming a widespread practice throughout the world. In addition to celebrating religious significance, the nativity scene unites people in sharing a special moment and expressing solidarity during the Christmas season.

The new tradition of Tregnago

A few kilometers from Grezzana and Quinto di Valpantena, in the Mountain Community of Lessinia, is Tregnago, a town in which, for the second year, the Le vie dei nativity scene initiative is taking place. The streets of Tregnago and the adjacent hamlets are enriched by the presence of numerous artisanal nativity scenes, created by artisans, voluntary associations, schools and by the citizens themselves, who exploit the simple and essential nature of these works of art to create truly evocative scenarios . The streets of nativity scenes is an unmissable opportunity to spend a few hours in the Christmas atmosphere of Verona.


After the inauguration on December 8th and the E-Bike tour, we enter the heart of the Christmas holidays with the revival of 4 steps among the nativity scenes, organized by the environmental cultural animators of East Veronautoctona with the Cai Tregnago group. Tuesday 26 December, Boxing Day, will be the ideal opportunity to walk through the streets of Tregnago and its surroundings discovering the nativity scenes created for Christmas 2023 and the history of the town. The departure is scheduled for 2.30 pm in Piazza Mercato, with reservations required and a contribution of 5 euros for participants over 12 years of age. On Sunday 7 January, at the end of the holiday period, the Light Music and Happy Songs event will be held at the Chiesa della Disciplina, with the choral rhythmic group Chorus.