Agricola Pernigo - Valpantena
Agricola Pernigo - Valpantena

Via Vendri, 42
37142 Santa Maria in Stelle (VR)
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Cultivating the essence of Valpantena.

This is the foundation of Pernigo, the farm located in the Valley of the Gods specialising in the production of organic food and medicinal products with a high quality and organoleptic profile and a focus on biodiversity. A story of fragrance and aromas that began in the early 2000s when Tiziano Pernigo founded the company into which he poured his passion for the land.

In little more than two decades, the structure has grown steadily, and has recently also been provided with a multifunctional space and an aromatic garden of essences. Today, Pernigo produces oil, honey, essential oils, handmade soaps, herbal teas, salts, jams and cosmetics in harmony with nature, thanks to 70 hectares of land, a small oil mill and more than 10,000 olive trees, 100 honey bee hives and around 50 cultivated essences.

And the productions also include creativity with the special Acqua delle stelle, an alchemic syrup consisting of water, cane sugar and essential oil of mint or lavender that is inspired by the art of mixology and can be used in cocktails, in confectionery or as a hot herbal tea together with lukewarm milk.

All production takes place with full respect for the agricultural ecosystem thanks to day-to-day control and commitment that exploits the naturalness of the crops and excludes any synthetic chemical products. A sustainable approach to protect and enhance a delicate and complex area where wild species are respected and cared for in harmony with cultivated species. This has also enabled the company to obtain ICEA organic certification.


is the farm that produces organic oil, honey and medicinal herbs with love for their land and with a focus on biodiversity.