Costa Arènte - Valpantena
Costa Arènte - Valpantena

Località Costa, 86
37023 Grezzana (VR)
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Handmade in Valpolicella

A single plot of 35 hectares, 17 of which are planted with vines and the remainder with woodland and olive groves between 250 and 600 metres above sea level in the heart of the Valpantena, where history, art and oenology intersect. This is the microcosm of Costa Arènte, the winery founded in 1997 and since 2015 part of the Le Tenute del Leone Alato di Genagricola portfolio.

Situated on the eastern side of the valley, Costa Arènte produces wines with a strong identity and all proudly branded "Valpantena", considered a distinctive regional brand in the Valpolicella PDO area. A high level of craftsmanship and integrated viticulture under the banner of sustainability and environmental protection are the main identifying features of the Costa (a term that in Veronese dialect means hill or ridge), which is part of an area for the repopulation of species, including the wild ones.

The company produces the following red wines: Valpolicella Valpantena Superiore, Valpolicella Ripasso Valpantena Superiore and Amarone della Valpolicella Valpantena. The white heart of Costa Arènte is reserved for Lugana PDO, obtained from the Turbiana grape variety and given by selected winegrowers of the denomination. Two more wines are expected in 2023: Amarone della Valpolicella Valpantena Riserva and Recioto della Valpolicella Valpantena. But not just wine. 

Costa Arènte is also active in wine tourism and hospitality. Besides wine tasting which is always accompanied by local products and visits to the wine cellar, there are 12 rustic-modern rooms on three floors of a horseshoe-shaped building adjacent to the old fruit cellar. From here, cultural and nature trails, as well as numerous trekking and climbing routes are revealed. There are plenty of routes to tackle on two wheels, with or without pedal assistance.

Costa Arènte

is the Winery that makes craftsmanship its primary value and works with respect for the land and local tradition.