Ripa della

Ripa della Volta - Valpantena
Ripa della Volta - Valpantena

Località Tendina – Romagnano 
37023 Grezzana (VR)
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Story of an encounter

A unique environment, tempered by a favourable climate, where the vineyard is preserved, respected, enhanced and where sustainability finds fertile ground for the cultivation of an organic, indigenous wine of rare quality. All this is RIPA DELLA VOLTA, a small hamlet in Romagnano, already cultivated with vines in the 18th century. It is from here that in 2016 the adventure of Andrea Pernigo, a passionate and forward-thinking young entrepreneur, took shape. He falls in love with the place and he realised the potential of these tall hills.

There are twenty-five hectares of land between 300 and 600 metres above sea level, of unspoilt land to be farmed with respect. Twenty-five hectares to create something unique and important. The result is an Amarone Docg and a Ripasso Doc, the first two born from this project of excellence, and a Valpolicella Superiore.

The aim is to create wines with a strong individuality, conscious of working in a unique environmental situation, with a special microclimate, on marly soils, recovering native vines of great ethical and historical value.

The elegance of an authentic and flourishing territory is reflected in a designer label, bearing the signature of Veronese artist Patrizio Vanessi, as if to "adorn" the bottle with a new and unmistakable artistic spirit. "The performing of the RIPA DELLA VOLTA label encapsulates a gesture, a sign, unplanned, not studied, but instinctive, on the spur of the moment, without hesitation or reflection, conceptually strong, rugged and true, like the land from where it originates", says Andrea Pernigo who, in this project, bring not only their his experience, but more importantly his passion and the historical and cultural background that distinguishes him. A project, a magical place, a true, powerful and authentic blend, just like a good wine should be

Ripa della Volta

is the Agricultural Society born from the union of entrepreneurs with a common vision and values: enhancing the territory in an artisanal and sustainable way.