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The oven from which dreams come out.

Infermentum was born from the idea of ​​four friends, who transformed their passion for pastry making and leavened products into an innovative company that produces artisanal, good and authentic desserts with original and imaginative packaging.

The commitment is great, the product is of the highest quality, because it starts from exceptional raw materials, such as mother yeast, and then it is given the right processing time because waiting and care in this phase are very important. Finally, there is a continuous search for improvement and tasting always involves a moment of essential reflection because the involvement of the senses is always considered irreplaceable.

The laboratory is well-kept, you can perceive the precision, care and human dimension. In fact, there are few machines, just to simplify some steps, because the processing method is human and requires the right amount of time. Every day, dreams come out of the ovens. Fragrant, very sweet and fragrant.

If Infermentum was born at Christmas with the traditional panettone, over the years variations have arrived, such as Quattrogusti and Apricot and Dark Chocolate, but also different leavened products such as Monte Nuvola, a soft panettone-shaped pandoro. Then followed biscuits such as the Sbrisolotti, a revisitation of the sbrisolona and the absolute best seller the Rose Cake.


it is the story of young and ambitious people who believed in their instincts and transformed their passion for leavened pastries into an artisanal activity, with an annual production of sweets of 100,000 units, distributed in over 200 points of sale in Italy and in 12 Countries of the world.

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