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For bicycle and nature lovers, the mountain bike is the perfect means of tackling the variety of terrain and routes in Italy and in particular in the Veneto region.
An ideal means for exploring paths and tackling hilly, mountainous and wooded routes, which offers greater stability than classic road bicycles.
For some time now, the mountain bike has been a popular choice among lovers of two wheels and outdoor adventures and Valpolicella and Valpantena also offers various opportunities for those who prefer this means of transport.

Valpantena by bike

Valpantena, part of Valpolicella nestled in the hills north-east of Verona, is an ideal destination for mountain bike enthusiasts. This picturesque valley offers a perfect mix of breathtaking landscapes, adventurous trails and a fascinating history that blends with the surrounding nature.
Cyclists venturing into the Valpantena can look forward to an extensive network of trails suitable for all skill levels, amid dense woodland, picturesque vineyards and ancient villages, offering breathtaking panoramic views all along the way.


In Valpantena there is a perfect itinerary for lovers of mountain bike trails.
Starting from the parking lot of the Marzana hospital, between ups and downs and districts, you reach Boscochiesanuova. After reaching the highest peak, at 1081 metres, you return towards the valley, crossing villages and towns of rare beauty, with a splendid view of the Praole district and Monte Baldo in the background. The finale is characterized by the descent called Piccolo Stelvio, which leads to the Hypogeum of Santa Maria in Stelle. Subsequently it is possible to ford the waterway that takes cyclists back to the initial starting point.
During the journey it is possible to admire the Vajo Paradiso, a historic period route for wayfarers heading to Grezzana complete with a stream, the former marble quarries in the Vajo dell'Anguilla and the pine forest of the Santa Viola Fort.
Do not miss the view of the Lessinia meadows and Cerro Veronese, which offers the charm of Monte Santa Viola in the distance.

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